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Quantum Title Research, LLC is a full-service title abstracting company operating in St Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Kosciusko and Starke counties in Indiana.  We offer a wide range of title, asset, and criminal search products.  Our staff of professional employees are specialized in various areas of expertise.  Contact our office, and we will get you to the right department.  Quantum Title Research, LLC has solutions for the following research needs:

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All of our research reports are typed for easy viewing.

Title Abstracts & Research

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Full Searches

  • Current Owner Search [Order]
    A search of public records from the execution date of the current deed of record for the subject property forward and complete information from that deed, including legal and parcel number as reported by the county.  In addition, we convey complete information on open mortgages, federal and state tax liens, UCCs, leases, pending suits and judgments, and any other related lien, or encumbrance, that may affect the real estate property.  Real estate taxes, assessment information, and out sales are also documented.

  • Two Owner Search [Order]
    Recommended: Same as current owner search above except from the execution date of the deed from the second owner back of record for the subject property forward.  At times there our ownership interests and mortgages not extinguished when a new owner takes title.  This search will uncover those as well as the benefits of a current owner search.

  • Full 30 Year Search [Order]
    Same as current owner search above except from the execution date of the deed clearing 30 years of ownership for the subject property forward.  This search is useful when uncovering interests of individuals or entities that have not properly deeded out or the conveyance of our parcel was not conveyed in full for the past 30 years.  In addition, it will uncover all open liens, encumbrances, and judgments that may affect the property.

  • Search by a specified # of Years
    Let us know the time frame you would like searched and we will perform a complete title search back to that date.  For example, a 10 year title search .

  • Longer searches are available
    Indicate how far back you would like us to go and we will provide you a quote.  If the property splits into separate ownership chains, an additional charge my be applied.  For example, a 50 year title search.

Segmented Searches

At times, only certain aspects of a title search are needed to be completed.  These are cheaper solutions that may meet your needs.

  • Chain of Title Search [Order]
    This will uncover the title history for the subject property for a specified period of time.

  • Judgment Search [Order]
    A search performed at the county clerks office that will report civil judgments, small claims, and state tax liens on an individual or entity.

  • Tax & Assessment Search [Order]
    A report identifying the subject property by tax identification number (tax folio number).  Includes assessed value of the subject property, exemptions (homestead and/or widow or any other exemptions) and tax payment status.

A La Carte Searches

  • Document Recording Services [Order]
    Document Recording is a service we provide to get an original document officially recorded at a County Recorder’s Office, such as Court Pleading filings.  This service puts that document and its information in the official records of that county.  The recording information and/or the officially recorded document is returned back to you.  If the officially recorded document is not available immediately upon recording, in most cases we can provide a county conformed copy with recording information stamped on a copy of the document.  Please specify the county in which you would like the document recorded.

  • Document Retrieval [Order]
    Document Retrieval is a search that is performed for a specific document, such as, a Mortgage, Assignment, Release, Deed, Judgment, etc.  The documents can be copies, county certified copies, or an abstracted report (the abstracted report contains the information just as it appears on the document itself).  If the instrument number is supplied, we can offer this service at a discount.

  • UCC Search [Order]
    A report that identifies UCC and secured transactions affecting the real estate or a particular individual or company.  This search can be done by the County recorders office or we can perform it in house.  The County recorders charge an additional fee to perform a UCC search.

  • Current Deed Verification [Order]
    A report that identifies the present and the previous owner.  It provides the recording information, legal description, and parcel ID number of the property.  A copy of the actual vesting deed is available upon request.

  • Comparable Property Searches [Order]
    A search of the neighboring properties of the subject parcel to see what price they sold at for the last 5 years.

  • Government Tax Lien Search [Order]
    Search for federal and state tax liens (10 years) on an individual or entity

  • Doing Business As (DBA) Search [Order]
    Search of the county records for an assumed name for an individual or company

  • Estate Search [Order]
    A search of probate records for an estate.  Please specify the documents and information needed.

  • Code Enforcement Search [Order]
    This search is a list of all code enforcement violations and exterior code violations on a property (recorded and unrecorded)

  • Notary and Witness Closing Services [Order]
    This service is provided to all title companies, attorneys, lenders, real estate agents, and individuals who may need an experienced agent to provide a convenient and affordable service to their client in Elkhart and St Joseph County.  Mobile closings and weekend closings are available.

Title Search Sub-Categories

* County Documents are $1 per page in addition to the search price (please indicate what your copy requirements will be).  Certified Copies are also available.

"Let our team of local title abstractors handle all of your real estate researching needs!"

Criminal Search Services

Search of criminal charges and/or convictions against an individual.  Contact for more information on felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic charges.

Asset Search
   Contact our Asset Department for details.

Environmental Research and Testing Solutions